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When I was seven years old my dear mother Dr. Mary L. Thomas, a successful entrepreneur a pioneer & forerunner, pulled me aside and said there is something special about you. I knew it the day you were born. You are going to "see" things, she said, but do not let it frighten you because I “see” things too. The beginning of countless precious nuggets she poured into me while growing up, even through my teen years.

As a young girl as young as nine years old, I was adventurous and would always start little businesses. Yes, I had inherited my mother’s entrepreneur spirit. I would "sow" into my mother every time I would make any money. Sowing & reaping, living by divine Principles, before I knew or understood what they were, but my spirit knew. In 1975, mother had a vision; the Queen of Sheba came to visit her, as a result, she sold her home and walked away from all she had acquired, and she was quite prosperous. Mother moved from New Jersey where we are from to California where my husband now ex-husband, and I had moved as a family. Mother had become quite prosperous while in California, and well known in the community for her giving & loving heart.

When mother passed in 1995, I was by her bedside. After breathing her last breath and being gone more than five minutes, she "suddenly" opened her eyes sat straight up turned, looked at me and said, "Love You," then fell back. I was stunned; she came back to life for that impartation, a passing of the baton, her precious mantle!

It was 12 years later in July of 2007, in the afternoon, the Spirit of the LORD overwhelmed me with fire and said, "Her mantle was passed on to you, her vision lives on in you and it will be far greater, It will be Nation & World Wide. The visitation of the Queen of Sheba was not for her, the vision daughter was for you." My life has not been the same since that "Damascus" experience one of several. Through the years mother had taught me, There was "Nothing un-attainable & No one un-trainable." As a servant and Apostolic Prophet of the Lord, I am mandated, to gather and teach His beloved that there is nothing un-attainable, and no one un-trainable in Christ Jesus. As a Spiritual Advisor and Spiritual Life Consultant, my clients consist of those that have given up on their dreams or visions. Things not working "there way" and they want to try God’s way. I have clients that have experienced set backs, losses, and even dramatic experiences within their lives and need re-direction, purpose, strengthening and rebuilding tools. Then there are clients that desire a deeper and closer relationship with the Lord and with divine direction, principles and practices, soaking aids of music and prayer the miraculous is happening in their lives. Clients are taken "Back to Basics" and rebuild through the word of God from the ground up to be all they have been created to be.

As an Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Advisor, Personal Life Consultant, Prophetic Psalmist, Trainer, Servant of the Most High God. I take great pleasure in empowering the audience–particularly women and young adults with the truth about who they are, and whose they are. I use life-transforming principles that will propel you forward into your pre-ordained destiny. I have a passion for all to walk in the excellence, and confidence of your own unique gifts. As an Author, Radio Show Host, Counselor, Life Consultant, Psalmist and Entrepreneur, I truly believe I have much I can share with you…all you have to do is have the desire. Call now…come now. You are a winner, victorious, prosperous and wonderfully unique, and this year and every year is your year.

Love you more~
Dr. Beverly L. Swanson,
Inspirational Speaker, Published Author, Radio Show Host, Counselor, Life Consultant, Psalmist, and Entrepreneur

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