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Spiritual Life Advisor

Why A Spiritual Life Advisor

Spiritual Advisor - Dr. Beverly L. Swanson

The Word of God is Powerful! It is life giving, life changing, life fulfilling and provides an indescribable peace. There is no substitute for the Word of God. The Word fills one with joy that strengthens us even in the most difficult and challenging circumstances.

Coming to know the Word and growing in the Word with someone you can trust can be the greatest challenge Even as Christians, or men and women of God we need someone in our lives to remind us of the Word in our daily walk of being in and staying in Faith. As we face adversity in our quest for greatness, we need direction, guidance based on the Word of God to see the light ahead while we are engaged in a whirlwind of trials, tribulations, setbacks and challenges that life brings.

In today’s trying times it is even more important to seek wisdom, truth, clarity and prayer.

Letting the Lord be the center of your life will have an effect on everyone around you, friends, family, all that you encompass.

Your Spiritual Life Advisor

I will talk with you and share your experiences be they the joys or struggles in your faith life. I will be there and share in your life as I share the Word that will build your faith and advise and strengthen you to keep you focused in your daily walk as a believer or as a seeker of Christ. As your Advisor, Mentor and Confidant I can assist in your maturity and awareness of God, to be better equipped to live your life in faith and accompany you in your faith, and encourage you to grow in your relationship with God.

Are any of these your needs?

  • Direction in your prayer life?
  • Direction to overcome certain weakness?
  • Direction to out problems?
  • Direction to help discern important issues?
  • Do you need someone to challenge you in your daily walk with the Lord?
  • Do you need someone to help enhance your spirituality?
  • Do you need someone to help strive for holiness?

Appointments Available
Individual Sessions – in person, via Phone or Skype
Sessions at Work Sites – for Non-Profit Organizations, Ministries, and Businesses. Travel Available.

Contact Dr. Beverly at: 916.320.5482 for Pricing and Package Details



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