What is a Personal Life Development Consultant?

Now Is Your Time, You have made a decision that you want to Shine!

What are your dreams, your visions, have your personal life experiences held you back? Have they hindered your growth? Are you entering a new season, time in your life, where you want and need to invest in yourself? Are you entering a new marriage? What about motherhood, employment, or your own Business…your first experience with teenagers? Now is the time in your life you have made a decision that you want to shine above all others. We do not have to go through life, alone or with anxieties, worry or fear. Change is not only good...it's eminent! A Personal “Blueprint” provides direction through restoration, refreshing, and transitions. I work One on One with individuals, or with Leadership Teams as a group, Private Lives, Organizations, Ministries or Businesses. Principles work for all who are willing to apply them.
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Dr. Beverly L. Swanson, Personal Life Development Consultant

Appointments Available
Individual Sessions – in person, via Phone or Skype
Sessions at Work Sites – for Non-Profit Organizations, Ministries, and Businesses. Travel Available

Contact Dr. Beverly at: 916.320.5482 for Pricing and Package Details


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