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This is a book about a seven year journey of being “set apart” by the LORD. A true story of experiences unveiled while in a spiritual boot camp in training for the unknown office of an Apostolic Prophet. A book about a journey of a transformation to Great Faith. Journey with me and experience untold encounters of spiritual visitations and diabolical attacks of the devil and his cohorts, amazing victories and expressions of God’s undying love; and the Courage Faith & Trust to withstand it all. There is on thing that I can tell you …that God is real, Jesus is real…and so is the devil.

Bundle Includes

God's Desert Flower by Dr. Beverly L. Swanson

Format: EBook

I Know The Plans / The Prayer Room

Format: MP3 Audio (Includes cover & Back Images )

Affirmations of Faith For Healing - 30 Days

Format: DOWNLOAD Audio Book MP3 + Bonus Music


Price: $20.99
God's Desert Flower - eBook
I Know The Plans
Affirmations of Faith for Healing - eBook
Truth Be Told - Seminar & Workbook
Eagle Wings with Dr. Beverly L. Swanson - Ushering in his presence - NEW CD!
Eagle Wings with Dr. Beverly L. Swanson - Free Audio Samples of Beverly's Audio CD Releases


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