Dr. Beverly - My Story...

Dr. Beverly L. Swanson - My Story

Dr. Beverly - My Story...

Dr. Beverly L. Swanson, has worked in the corporate arena, was a Vietnam era veteran having served in the United States Air Force, a retired law enforcement agent and well traveled throughout the US and Europe. Dr. Swanson is a Prophetic Voice an Oracle of the Lord known for Throne Room Wisdom, Authority and Humility, Dr. Beverly simply calls herself a servant messenger of the Lord. An entrepreneur herself, one of her favorite topics to speak on is “Ministry is a business and business is a Ministry.” Wife to Kenneth Powell and mother of four adult children and Grand Mimi of seven grandchildren.

She is a sought after Vision Consultant, Certified Professional Coach, Inspirational / Informational Speaker, Author, Personal & Spiritual Development Consultant, Christian Consultant & Radio Talk Show Host.. "My life's passion is for each and all to walk in the confidence and excellence of Your Own Unique God Given Gifts, and Soar to Great Heights as an Eagle through the Power of the Word & Unfailing Biblical Principles!" There is "Nothing Unattainable and No One Un-trainable!"

I left the safe and secure world of predictability to pursue my purpose armed with Great Faith, and have not been disappointed. Let me help you realize and reach your purpose. Walk with me and Take a hold of YOUR Passion & Claim YOUR Destiny, Conquer YOUR Fear!

Love you more~

Dr. Beverly L. Swanson,

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