Darla Davenport-Powell, CEO

Greater Works LLC

Darla Davenport-Powell, CEO Greater Works LLC

"Eagle Wings is a shining example of a living and loving God. Dr. Beverly L Swanson Powell inspires all who have an ear to hear, to activate the "I Am" inside and live the life that God has promised through Kingdom principles, practices and protocols. Dr. Swanson Powell's fresh insight, encourages, empowers and equips businesses to operate at an optimal level that glorifies God."

Darla Davenport-Powell
CEO Greater Works LLC


Debra McKinney-Price, AL

>Gospel Recording Artist Birmingham, AL

Debra McKinney-Price

"What an amazing experience! Since connecting with Dr. Beverly L. Swanson-Powell of Eagle Wings, I have a clear vision and focus for both my personal life and musical career. Dr. Beverly has shown me how to apply biblical principles and practices in my everyday life, career and business in a way I have never imagined.

I feel completely revitalized with a newfound confidence and tenacity and I’m singing like I’ve never sung before. I have never been more equipped nor encouraged to Soar in both my Production Company, Priceless Productions and Gospel Artist. 2018 I am ready!!!"

Debra McKinney-Price


Lynnis Woods-Mullins

PraiseWorks Health and Wellness

Lynnis Woods- Mullins of PraiseWorks Health & Wellness

It is an honor and a sincere priviledge to share with you my professional experience with Dr. Swanson. I have known and collaborated on several projects with Dr. Swanson over the years and have found her to be a consumate and committed professional with vision and wisdom. Dr. Swason is an excellent communicator and uses these skills to communicate with a wide variety of audiences who always enjoy her wonderful style of delivery as well as her heartfelt content. Dr. Swanson is not only a great team player she has a strong work ethic and brings vigor and passion to each project she pursues. She is creative, motivational, inspirational and a tireless advocate for helping those in need.

I highly recommend Dr. Swanson for any position for which she might pursue without reservation.

Lynnis Woods-Mullins
CEO and Founder, PraiseWorks, Inc.


Victor Irving Jenkins

Internet Video Broadcaster/Producer

Victor Irving Jenkins - Internet Video Broadcaster/Producer

Beverly is a great example of what she seeks to bring to the world. She is an accomplished leader and has a strong spiritual foundation. She is not looking to continue in the tradition of what has been accepted as excellence but seeks to redefine it in her own way. Having achieved a modicum of success herself, she is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of women and youth alike. She embraces the use of tools that educate, enlighten and empower her target market. Any company or organization that is seeking a "new thing" in the personal development programs will be glad they chose Dr. Beverly L. Swanson.

- Victor Irving Jenkins


Douglas Shearer

Urban Hope

Douglas Shearer
Board of Directors at Urban Hope

I was very much impressed by both her passion for helping people and her organizational skills. She's outgoing - with a compelling personality that is very engaging. Her knowledge is extensive. I highly recommend her for any kind of work involving assisting individuals find their way to a better, more meaningful life.

- Douglas Shearer
Senior Pastor, New Hope Christian Fellowship (retired)
Board of Directors, Urban Hope


Dr. Raymond Guillette

Marianne Gilmer

If you are looking for a person of great ability and compassion then Dr. Beverly Swanson is it. Beverly is a daily inspiration - her passion for life and people knows no bounds. She has the unique ability to bring you to a place of great promise and hope. Her work as an inspirational speaker demonstrates her commitment to people and her community. Beverly can take a bad day and make it so much better. As Winston Churchill so eloquently stated - "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." Dr. Beverly Swanson gives much of herself everyday inspiring people to believe once again in a place called HOPE!less

- Dr. Raymond Guillette
Dean - Second Chance Group - Higher Education Evangelist - Falmouth, Massachusetts


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